BLK: An Origin Story

BLK: An Origin Story is steeped in riveting, enduring, and multi-faceted historical Black narratives. The series acts as an immersive and informative chapter of Black history, elevating remarkable Black citizens previously unacknowledged in mainstream social, academic, and cultural circles, normalizing and celebrating their unique stories. This docuseries elevates stories erased or absent from our collective understanding about incredible people and some of the spaces they inhabited. It looks at how they substantially contributed to nation building, starting from the Black experience after slavery, which ranged from being transported, escaped, or freely traveled within their adopted country. In shedding light on these early Black stories, the series contributes to the larger societal conversation toward dismantling systemic racism.

Produced by Hungry Eyes Media in association with Corus Studios for HISTORY® Canada.

S1 - 4 x 60 minutes