History Erased

This mind-bending series examines the butterfly effects that would unfold if we suddenly removed the great inventions, man-made commodities or creations of nature that are vital to the human experience. In the ultimate “what if” scenario, we envision life without key innovations and essential elements that we didn’t know we couldn’t live without. Twelve episodes explore the contributions to humanity that have come from countries like Italy, France, China, Japan, the USA and the UK. Six episodes will surprise viewers with the range of impacts that gold, glass, salt, dogs & cats, insects and the wheel have on everyday life. The loss of these essentials, or the ideas and technological marvels developed over centuries, would rock global culture while erasing thousands of advances that make the modern world more livable.​

Produced by Cream Productions in association with Corus Studios for HISTORY® Canada.

S1: 8 x 60 minutes
S2: 4 x 60 minutes
S3: 6 x 60 minutes