Pamela's Garden of Eden

In this series, Pamela Anderson begins the transformation of her grandmother’s six-acre legacy property on Vancouver Island into a stunning retreat for her family. There are lots of decisions to be made, including Pamela’s epic can-she-or-can’t-she overhaul of the Boat House. At the same time, she’s helping her sons, Brandon and Dylan Lee, renovate their newly purchased house in Los Angeles. They will be leaning on their mother’s renovation expertise and keen eye for design to help turn their new house into a home they can truly call their own. With multiple renovations happening simultaneously in LA and on Vancouver Island, it’s a hectic pace and high stakes for Pamela and her family.

Produced by Fireworks Media in association with Corus Studios for HGTV Canada.

S1: 8 x 60 minutes
S2: 8 x 60 minutes