Renovation Resort

Scott McGillivray has purchased a tranquil lakeside resort, but it’s a total wreck in need f…everything! He’s called in builder and longtime frenemy Bryan Baeumler to help get it into ship-shape, but this funny and dynamic duo won’t be getting their hands dirty this time. Instead, they’re calling in four expert contractor/design duos who will battle it out against each other as they bring this forgotten fishing resort back to life in a frenzied, fun, action-packed 7-part competition series Renovation Resort! Each of these super-skilled teams will design and renovate one of four waterfront cabins in just six weeks, attempting to transform them into gorgeous one of-a-kind vacation rentals ready to receive throngs of guests. And guess who will be looking over their shoulders the whole time? Scott and Bryan! Armed with good advice, and a few quick jokes, they will be guiding these four teams through the renovation, setting up tricky challenges and, alongside their guest judges, critiquing the results with a critical eye. As the clock ticks down to the big launch for the high season, these teams will go all out to turn their cabin into a complete show-stopper. Only one cabin will be crowned the best and that team will go home with a game changing reward!

Produced by McGillivray Entertainment in association with Corus Studios for HGTV Canada.

S1: 7 x 60 minutes