A haunted wheelchair from a 19th century mental asylum; a wooden box found buried in the ground, carrying a deadly curse, a framed dollar bill possessed with a jealous ghost. Across the continent, ordinary people face extraordinary peril after unwittingly acquiring objects that bring much more than bad luck.
Lead by popular paranormal investigator Moe Sargi, a team of three dedicated sleuths travel across North America in search of the most haunted objects and the desperate owners who need their help. Reiki master, Shaman and psychic medium, Leitreanna Brown, and paranormal researcher and sensitive, Marika Meza Simon, complete the trio, whose sole mission is to find and authenticate haunted objects and to intervene when they’re destroying the lives of their owners.

Produced by BGM in association with Corus Studios for HISTORY® Canada.

S1: 8 x 60 minutes