Rust Valley Restorers

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is one of the most unique car communities in the world: Rust Valley. You can’t miss it: acres upon acres of old and abandoned cars; a junkyard as far as the eye can see. And at its heart is a remarkable restoration shop run by car fanatic Mike Hall. Mike has over 500 cars in his ‘field of dreams’ but he continues to buy more cars than he restores. Together with his best friend Avery Shoaf and his son Connor, they are on a mission to restore, trade and sell classic cars - transforming piles of rust into collectible car treasures.

Produced by Mayhem Entertainment in association with Corus Studios for HISTORY® Canada.

S1: 8 x 60 minutes
S2: 12 x 60 minutes
S3: 12 x 60 minutes
S4: 10 x 60 minutes
S5: 8 x 60 minutes