The Love Club - Lauren

For years Lauren put her dreams of opening an art gallery on hold while her husband Peter moved up in his career. Her resentments eventually overshadowed the love they once shared bringing them to the brink of divorce. Faced with divorce papers, Lauren recruits the Love Club to help her move on. But when her friends sense that things may not officially be over between Lauren and Peter, they recruit Lauren’s young daughter to help them remind their favorite married couple why they fell in love in the first place. This is easier said than done when Lauren mistakenly concludes Peter is dating prompting her to test the dating waters where she meets an irresistible Spaniard who makes her water boil! As Lauren tries to realize her dream of opening her art gallery while comically navigating her mixed emotions, the Love Club create scenarios that force Lauren and Peter together. From a wine tasting to their daughter’s birthday party it seems their plan is working until assumptions are made and divorce papers are signed. Almost ready to give up, the Love Club harness the power of art, opening Lauren and Peter’s eyes so they see the love they are about to walk away from is a true love worth fighting for.

Produced by Nikki Ray Media Agency in association with Corus Studios for W Network Canada.

1 x 120 minutes