The Love Club - Nicole

Freshly engaged, interior designer Nicole still wonders if the one she is meant to be with is her mystery school pen-pal whose letters she has kept all these years. At a loss of what to do, she seeks out the help of the Love Club. Knowing their friend Nicole is a hopeless romantic who will never move on until the mystery is solved, they all set out to track down Nicole’s pen-pal. Their sleuthing leads them to a quint lodge where Nicole poses as the lodge’s hired decorator and where she meets the man she thinks is the one she’s been looking for all these years. But solving her romantic mystery isn’t that easy as Nicole tries to maintain her façade as the lodge’s decorator all while being thrown for a loop by an unexpected imposter. Comedic mishaps abound as Nicole and her friends try to find the man who penned the letters, an adventure which tests Nicole’s pursuit of her happily ever after and her belief in happy endings. Thankfully, with the help of the Love Club, and some serious female bonding, Nicole finds her way until ultimately the letters lead Nicole to the story book ending she’s been seeking.

Produced by Nikki Ray Media Agency in association with Corus Studios for W Network Canada.

1 x 120 minutes