The Love Club - Sydney

Former star track athlete, Sydney is now a successful food blogger who still holds a flame for her college boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen in ten years… until now. After bumping into him over street food, she discovers he’s entered the Valentine Half Marathon. Despite being out of marathon shape, she quickly signs up for the run then recruits the Love Club to come help! Identifying their friend has never let go of her toxic ex, The Love Club hire a hot trainer to distract Sydney, a plan that comically backfires when Sydney is paired with running buddy Theo, chef and owner of a struggling restaurant which Sydney poorly reviewed. Though they clash over their different ‘tastes’, it becomes apparent to the Love Club that Theo is the man for Sydney, even if she’s not seeing it, still convinced she should give her ex another chance. But Theo unexpectedly begins to work his way into Sydney’s heart as she helps elevate Theo’s menu to buzzworthy appeal and Theo helps Sydney relive her track dreams. With the Love Club’s support, Sydney finally faces the disappointments of the past allowing Sydney to let go and embrace the romantic prospects that wait for her at the finish line.

Produced by Nikki Ray Media Agency in association with Corus Studios for W Network Canada.

1 x 120 minutes