The Love Club - Tara

A free spirit with a beautiful singing voice, Tara has always professed she doesn’t need a partner, or “so called commitment”, after all, she has the Love Club. So just days before New Year’s, Tara declares she will have the year of Tara, one where she focuses solely on her singing career. After calling upon her friends, the Love Club show up to help plan Tara’s commitment-to-herself party. But when her friends see the connection between Tara and Noah, a jaded musician hired to perform at the party, their job turns into matchmaking as they attempt to show Tara there is nothing wrong with falling in love. Tara fights them every step of the way until, thanks to a playfully worded invite sent by the Love Club, her mother shows up expecting an actual wedding! Having spent years trying to convince her mom she’s not “alone”, Tara recruits Noah as her actual fiancé. This comical ruse fools no one and takes Tara by surprise when, after writing a hit song together, she realizes she has actually fallen in love with Noah. Seeing her struggle, the Love Club help Tara to finally open her heart, setting the stage for the romantic duet of the year.

Produced by Nikki Ray Media Agency in association with Corus Studios for W Network Canada.

1 x 120 minutes